Hackett Brass
1200 Lillibridge
Detroit, Michigan 48214 USA
Fax 313-822-0407

Aluminum, Brass & Copper Castings

Satisfied Customers

GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, SAVAIR, MP Pumps, Progressive Tool, Automatic Tooling

24 Hour Service
Hunter Automated Molding, Induction Melting, Machining Available

High Quality Aluminum, Brass & Copper Castings

Ampco Alloy Castings

Over 50 Non-Ferrous Alloys Cast

Permanent Mold, & Sand Castings

Modify & Store Your Patterns for Rapid Delivery

Pattern Shop In-House

Print to Casting in 10 Days

Pattern to Casting in 4 Days

  Aluminum permanent molds 

Bronze Casting         Copper Casting

Sand Casting               Aluminum Casting    

Competitive Pricing
  • Replacement Parts
  • Specialty Items Including Plunger Tips
  • Cored Water Passages
  • Short Run
  • All Production Requirements

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